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New: inhouser

New: inhouser

What We Do

The project inhouser is a team of senior business lawyers ready to handle day-to-day or specific legal matters and projects for the Clients with and without in-house lawyers.

We offer an innovative approach which builds bridges between the Client and highly qualified business lawyer with strong expertise and high professional skills to oversee the legal aspects of Client’s business. In inhouser project our lawyers will facilitate drafting and negotiating contracts, managing compliance, regulatory affairs, IP and employment matters at flexible terms.

How It Works

Our Approach – To Become Your Trusted Right Hand

We suggest the inhouser becomes a reliable member of your management team by going through the induction process of your business model and processes, include inhouser to your corporate distribution lists and telephone directories/e-mails to help inhouser to build trust and credibility among your staff.


inhouser will be available to you during normal working hours on working week based on the specific package of your choice. For urgent matters at least half an hour prior notification will be required.

Our Fees

We apply customized pricing concept to this project. You will be offered flexible and affordable fees, lower than law firms usually charge. One of the advantages of this project is your access to a pool of high level legal professionals without direct-hire employment.

Specific and narrow expert advice may be requested from the SIGNUM Law Firm where we would apply our compatible pricing.


inhouser by SIGNUM Law Firm

Service includes the following directions
  • Outsourced business lawyer
  • Outsourced Compliance Officer
  • Outsourced Contracts Officer

Our Service Packages

​Outsourced business lawyer
  • on-going legal matters and essential legal support
  • labor law issues
  • day-to-day regulatory matters
  • clarifications on legal language or specifications to everyone in the organization
  • drafting and revision of standard contracts

​Outsourced Compliance Officer
  • drafting and implementing local policies and procedures based on global
  • cascading down your internal compliance policies and procedures
  • managing critical matters and claims
  • hotline monitoring

Outsourced Contracts Officer
  • drafting and solidifying contracts standard forms: supply, import/export, consulting, IP and licensing agreements, PPP, etc
  • managing contacts’ database
  • review and negotiating the non-standard contracts

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