Renewables Projects in Kazakhstan: Any Guarantees Against Adverse Changes in Legislation?
Is the development of the renewable energy sector important for Kazakhstan? What do investors usually seek from the government to continue investments in the most trendy sector? Our #leading lawyer in this area - Gaukhar, has done analyses of legislation for you and noted that Kazakhstan's current legislation cannot provide a full guarantee against adverse changes in legislation to renewable energy developers projects.
Multiplying business units: statutory requirement or initiative of large construction companies
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Legislative changes took place in July-September 2020
Disproportionate Participation Interests in the Charter Capital of the LLP: When Technical Deficiencies Create a Problem
The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 22 April 1998 No. 220-I "On Limited and Additional Liability Partnerships" (hereinafter - the "Law on LLP") allows participants to have participation interests that are disproportionate to their contributions to the charter capital. However, to register such disproportionate participation interests, in practice, we had to overcome the technical deficiencies of the registration system that were limiting the free will of LLP participants. We describe this situation in more detail in our note.

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